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Downtown Las Vegas embraces all comers, rejoices in self expression, and welcomes all styles. Find yourself, be yourself, express yourself.

Buddy Holiday

Downtown Tattoo

Kortney Olson

grrrl clothing

This artist continues a discipline as old as civilization. Combining his personal talents with the unique vision and desires of a guest creates a lasting mark. The reasons for getting a tattoo are many, but when you’re ready to express yourself, you’ll know where to go.

This CEO can be seen as a retailer from one angle and a force for change from another. Regardless of ethnicity, body type, beliefs, religion, or abilities, her mission is to bring together women to fight for each other. Recognizing that all real women come in all kinds of different shapes and packages, the common thread is woven of freedom, acceptance, and empowerment.

Steve McAnulty

Main Street Moto

Buffalo Larry

Makeshift Union

A master mechanic and bike builder who started as a kid taking apart toys to figure out how they worked is a driving force behind the unparalleled service at the coolest little motorcycle shop in Downtown. If you’re looking for new, used, or vintage bikes, you’re covered. Sales, service, parts and a whole lot of cool.

Meet the proprietor of this blue-collar luxury cutting & grooming company. If you’re looking for a barbershop, stylist, or salon, what you’ll find here is an environment that prides itself on creating an environment that takes care of the “everyday” person. Focus less on the ego of the hair stylist and more on the needs of you. Sounds nice.

Oscar B. Goodman

Mayor, Las Vegas, 1999-2011

Derek & Velma Campbell

Red Cat Vintage

The First Gentleman of Las Vegas has a colorful background. Mayor of Las Vegas from 1999-2001 and married to the current mayor, Carolyn Goodman, who succeeded him in 2011. Going back further, he was a defense attorney for reputed members of organized crime. He has long served as one of the City’s great ambassadors.

The passion behind the brand, this duo is part of a thriving community of vintage fashion lovers. If you know the thrill of hunting down that unique signature item for your look, you’ve found kindred spirits here. On a deeper level, the vintage and reused fashion movement also makes profound impacts on the environment by reducing waste in manufacturing as well as in landfills.

Bill Johnson & Marc Comstock

Retro Vegas

Chris Davis

Sonic Rodeo

Lovers of retro-modern and vintage antiques love to share their passion. We’re talking mid-mod coffee sets and vintage sofas, funky swag lights and ‘60s flair. It’s like exploring a museum, but being able to bring home something you fall in love with.

Offering a rehearsal space to musicians like no other. If you’ve suffered through old or broken equipment, you’ve probably come up with a wishlist to make your sessions better. Aside from top-notch rehearsals, they offer guitar repair and customization, a stocked retail area, gear rental, live streaming and video shoots. If you’re looking for a jam session or rehearsing for a gig, come do it right.

Steven Stewart-Clark


Jeff Anthony

Vintage Vegas

The owner and designer of this upscale florist and event space has an eye for detail and passion for beauty. From his childhood, he was creating art. Now he brings beauty to the community in sharing his creations and displaying the work of others much to the benefit of us all.

Offering antiques, collectibles and vintage clothing, he’s known to say, “vintage is our life and Vegas is our home.” A broad collection includes something from every vintage casino from Vegas’ history, to making custom neon signs. Customer satisfaction includes the promise that if you can’t find something you love, they’ll go out and find it for you.

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